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I grew up on a farm near Sand Creek, WI. We did not have a lot financially, but we had each other. My dad was an undiagnosed alcoholic in my younger years, but had a life changing experience that resulted in him stopping drinking, us going to church regularly and our family having devotions in the morning at breakfast. This definitely altered the whole direction of my life and the lives of my siblings.

After high school, I went to college and earned a degree in physics and mathematics. I realized that I wanted to work with people and not research, so I enrolled in the school of education and finished out a teaching degree. To stay in the area and work with a youth group, I took a position at the Eau Claire Academy teaching remedial math through a Title 1 math position in the Eau Claire Area School District for my first nine years. Working at the Academy was an educational experience in working with children that were labeled neglected and delinquent. When I took a position to teach math at Eau Claire North, I realized that these were not the only students that struggled with life. Through my years of teaching, I became aware that it is not about the subject but about the connections that are made with the students that matter the most.

As a family we have enjoyed the outdoors through camping, hunting, fishing, and travel. Over the years, I assisted my wife in watching some children for respite care. Upon retirement, we had an opportunity to join CC We Adapt and found this to be a better organization for our training and the opportunities to help others. Learning to work with a vast array of students and raising our own children has given me a set of skills that is helpful in working with children that are in the respite and foster system.