Service Array:
Individual Skill Development and Enhancement

I grew up in the Midwest. Poverty, addiction and violence were the largest driving factors in my childhood. When I was 14 my mother signed her parental rights over because she had terminal cancer. She died years later but it was through being adopted that I was able to begin seeing how to properly express my emotions and over all actions. I battled addiction for many years and was drawn to the lifestyle of fast money and popularity. With the risks came the consequences and after 3 prison terms I finally surrounded to GODS will for my life and began to understand HIS purpose for my life. I am now coming up on 6 years clean and nearing graduation for my substance abuse counseling and education degree. Every day I work with those trying to find a new way to live and it’s such an incredible blessing to experience the breakthroughs in recovery. GOD has truly given me a purpose through all the pain and setbacks and that is to help the helpless and advocate for the suffering.. We DO recover!