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Being raised in a dysfunctional family caused me to grow up faster than most kids my age. My family was drowning in mental illness and addiction which has allowed me to come alongside and help others in similar situations.Though I was the youngest of three, roles were reversed with the absence of my mother due to mental illness. My life was rescued, at 16, by a loving God who plucked me out of trauma and set me on a completely different path. I now have a loving marriage of 30 years with 4 amazing children (now adults). I was a stay at home mom that chose to homeschool our children, for most of their education, but they also attended charter schools for a few years. As a family we have enjoyed missions trips, camping in the Boundary Waters, traveling and various outdoor activities.

I provided respite services for special needs kids both before marriage and while raising our family. This enhanced our children’s lives in remarkable ways. My Faith has helped me find hope and healing from the traumas of my childhood and battles with depression/anxiety. I believe empathy, validation, patience, and consistency can provide a safe, secure environment for participants. I am grateful for the opportunity to work alongside C.C.WeAdapt to bring respite to families and further my education to better assist them.