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Individual Skill Development and Enhancement

Hi! My name is Hunter, and I was born and raised in good ol’ Cumberland, Wisconsin. At the age of 3, I was involved in an accident with a drunk driver, my father, that ended in the loss of my 6 year old brother’s life. Although undiagnosed, I’ve shown signs of PTSD from the incident that have stuck with me nearly 20 years later.

At around 10 years old my parents got divorced while we lived up in Minnesota. My mother and I then moved back to Cumberland. It was at this age where everything started to flood my mind and I truly started understanding what exactly happened when I was younger. I ended up using video games as an escape from reality. A way for me to connect with friends and try and forget all of the things around me that I didn’t want to understand. Over time I started to realize that running away from those feelings and memories only made it worse, and eventually sought out my school counselor to talk to and slowly work through the emotions I felt during those troubling times.

My father also wasn’t a huge help growing up either. Never being around, promising to show up to events and then canceling without even letting me know. It’s enough to make a kid wonder why he doesn’t want to show up at all. Yet, because of his actions I made the decision to enlist in the Army National Guard as a Combat Engineer. I had always loved the idea of serving others and I knew I lacked discipline and felt I lacked purpose. Through the Military I was able to change my outlook on life. In 2019-2020 I deployed to Kuwait and Afghanistan as a horizontal engineer (somehow they trusted me to drive heavy machinery…). It was a cool experience, but I found out really quickly that adapting back to normal life would be harder than I thought it would be. Through trying to adapt back to normal life I ended up volunteering for another rotation which led me to the South West border where I stayed until November of 2022. Shortly after getting home I learned about C.C We Adapt and now here we are! I’m super excited to help others reach their goals and maybe see life in a new perspective!