Service Array:
Individual Skill Development and Enhancement

I grew up in small towns throughout NW Wisconsin in a family of five. I was the big sister to two younger brothers. My family wasn’t perfect as fighting was a big factor in our household that led to a divorce. In a big sister role, I felt I kept my family together. Figuring out that my friends and the group of people I was hanging around was not the best choice for me, I pursued my dream and moved to Maui Hawaii to get away from everything. I focused on my mental health and who I was and what made me happy.

I came back from Maui, received two degrees in horticulture and lived in Minneapolis for the last 15 years. During Covid, I moved back to Eau Claire Wisconsin, where I started a business, Lily Beez. It focuses on doing garden maintenance and design. The business took off and I now employ 3-part timers and we take care of all of downtown Gardens on Barstow Street as well as regular maintenance clients. I’m currently in the process of opening a luxury gift store and flower farm. I love entrepreneurship and focusing my life on my passions and what makes me happy. My mental health is now focused ultimately on what makes me happy. Traveling, working out and really living life to whatever I seek in my own happiness and sharing that experience with others!