Service Array:
Individual Skill Development and Enhancement

Born in Chicago IL, I grew up in less than desirable circumstances. As a child I did not have a role model. I joined the street organization where I spent most of my younger years in life. My mother had to work leaving me to raise my siblings by myself, when I was a kid just learning about making decisions. I moved to Atlanta and Des Moines IA where I continued down a destructive path that led me to prison where I spent 4 and a half years. While incarcerated I received my GED and had  dreams of going to college.

After doing that time I said, “I’m not going back” and left. I came to Wisconsin to have a fresh start. At first, I still had a little spark in me, and was still feeling pulled to  get back into the wrong things, but once I had a few more brushes with the law, I realized that it was easier to just change from the mind set I had grown accustomed to.

I have since helped with community activities Feeding America, Feeding the hungry, along with Creative Visions in Des Moines, IA, helping others realize their potential and knowing someone is there and believes in them. I strive to make those that feel less then empowered that we are all kings and queens of our own  existence. With a little guidance and consistent encouragement, we can achieve great things together. I do all that I can to help others succeed, and work on issues  they might be struggling with. I will go to the end and back for those who feel left out and bring them to the table.