Service Array:
Individual Skill Development and Enhancement

I am a 24 year old Mexican American man who grew up in the inner city of Milwaukee in a Spanish speaking household.

As a result, I know what it is like to not always understand what is happening around me and American social norms since I knew neither the language nor the culture. I feel especially connected to those with a language barrier, people from the inner city and especially people of color.

I enjoy watching movies and sports games, but also being active and playing soccer and finding cool spots in nature. As the first person in my family to graduate college, I feel very proud to be forging my own path, and also excited yet anxious for the many unknown challenges and experiences I will face. I would say that the biggest I have faced thus far are financial stability in my household, overcoming my self perception of inadequacy especially through my teen years and in college, overcoming grief and finding good coping methods, dealing with my family’s history of alcoholism, and finding my place in society as a brown male. I found that a spiritual life and taking time to a hobby or to play sports, or sitting down to reflect is one of the most effective ways to persevere and stay grounded especially as I grew older and my mental wellbeing became more of my responsibility.

Growing up in a household where all of my siblings were males, 2 younger and one older, I feel very fortunate to have received the guidance of an older brother, while also developing into a role model and big brother myself so I have a strong sense of commitment and responsibility to support those around me. I also have a lot of experience working at summer camps and as a tutor with middle school and high school aged students. As a result I have grown to be a patient person who constantly challenges himself to listen to what others have to say before making assumptions about them without understanding the full story or picture.

Regardless of people’s backgrounds or interests I am able to strike up a conversation with anyone and find common ground and I know that though I am not the smartest person I have a strong sense of perseverance that helps me overcome the many obstacles I face both professionally and in my personal life, and I hope to help those around me apply this same attitude. I have a keen eye for talent, and feel that I do a great job of appreciating and giving recognition to the many talented folks around me. I hope that in this same way I will be able to identify some talents within my mentee which they may not be aware of or maybe need a further sense of encouragement on.

This individual is an Independent Contractor through Milwaukee Turners.