Matthew McCarter

Service Array:
Individual Skill Development and Enhancement

I grew up in Thorp, WI. I was kind of an outcast but at the same time I wasn’t. I was a three-sport athlete growing up Football, Basketball, Track and field, and I also dabbled in golf. I won a state championship for the basketball team. I was also in extracurricular activities such as FFA, 4h, FFA honors choir, Dorian choir, and forensics. When I was in high school, my family decided to start doing foster care to help those children that are in need and needed a place to belong. Eventually we went from foster care to adopting the children because my family felt like they belonged in our family, and we cared for my now adopted siblings.

Once I got out of high school, I started to go to college at UWRF for broad field social studies program to become a high school history teacher. Instead of studying I started to party and ignored my classes, because I felt that the professors didn’t care even if you were trying your hardest. They were just there for the paycheck. So I found a group of friends and we would go to the cities get high off of drugs and party at a club. Eventually I got to go to South Korea for college tour choir, and that is an experience I will never forget. I was in South Korea for 10 days total traveling and performing. I didn’t want it to end. When I returned from South Korea, I ultimately decided not go to college anymore and to move back home to start working.

Once I started working, it was ultimately a horrible experience. I started working second shift at a metal fabrications factory. I was so tired all the time. I tried everything I could to stay awake and that led me to doing even more drugs than what I did in college. After I started doing drugs, I started hanging out with my family less, secluded myself and just wanted to work and keep up with the drugs. I did that for about 3 years until I finally said enough was enough and moved away and got myself clean. Luckily I never went to jail or prison.

After I got clean, I decided it was time to move back to my family where I could spend more time with them. I started a new job and worked hard. Eventually I ended up getting engaged to a wonderful woman and had, to me my first child. The mother and I eventually went our separate ways after constantly fighting. Once again, I moved up to family so I could get away. Then I found out that I had another child. I didn’t know that my other son even existed. I didn’t find out he was mine till he was around the age of three. Even though I didn’t find out till he was that age, I fought for my children and ended up with 50/50 custody. So I am a father of 2 amazing kids, and I decided to work even harder. The jobs I have had up to this point I have decided doesn’t drive me to excel or motivates me. As most people I wasn’t looking for a just a job, I was looking for a career. Then my brother told me about C.C. We Adapt.

I had already been doing respite care for my parents and a couple other families at this point because I wanted to make a difference and help out children in need. It has always been my policy to help others when they are in need, and to help those who just need to learn what the world is going to be like. I’m just glad that there is C.C. We Adapt. I definitely agree with how they want to do everything. Instead of just being someone there to take the children in, C.C. We Adapt has goals for the kids and actual meetings with the providers of mentorship and respite. I’m just glad that I can be a part of that, and I will do my best in every aspect to help whoever comes my way.