Service Array:
Individual Skill Development and Enhancement

I was born in Thailand and came to the US when I was six. My parents spoke little English, so growing up was a struggle. As soon as I learned English, I remember always helping them with translation. With that, I always feel like I have a big responsibility. I am one of nine children, and being the 3rd oldest was not easy, but it helped me in a way. Being an older sibling gave me great responsibility and stress. I always worry about my family’s well-being and all of the duties within the family. At times, I forget to focus on myself. Putting myself first was never my priority, and that took a toll on my physical and emotional health.  

I was so focused on my family that I forgot what I wanted to do with my life. In high school, I was introduced to a program called ProStart, which helps students experience professionalism in the restaurant industry. My family and culture are very passionate about food; cooking always brings us together. I decided to join a culinary program and pursue my passion during high school and college. Although unconfident, my family did whatever they could to help me achieve my dream. 

Today, with the help of my family, I am proud to say that I will start something for myself by opening my very own restaurant here in Black River Falls. I believe that success and self-happiness can be achieved if you allow people to help you. I am willing to do my best to help anyone I may cross paths with.