Service Array:
Individual Skill Development and Enhancement

My name is Philip Coleman and I’m 39 years old. Born and raised in Milwaukee the youngest of my parents 7 children. At the age of 9, a fifth grade dropout, I turned to a life of crime. Initially involved in delinquent behavior that easily and quickly turned into me becoming a career criminal. I spent over 12 years entrenched in criminal activity until my incarceration at the age of 24. The next 13 years of my life were spent in federal correctional institutions across the US.
At this point in my life I knew I had to make drastic changes for myself and my children. I made a conscious choice to utilize my time wisely, gaining my GED and other accredited qualifications. I worked extremely hard to not only learn practical skills to ensure a better future but also focused on my mental, emotional and spiritual growth. I finally gained my freedom in May 2020. Upon release I acquired gainful employment whilst also working within my community. It is vitally important to me that I give back and offer my services as a mentor in the hope that I can use my experiences as a deterrent for young people and to educate others on the importance of making the right choices that can greatly benefit their futures.