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Individual Skill Development and Enhancement

I was raised in Menomonie and have lived here my entire life. I grew up in a family that subjected me to every kind of abuse there is. When I was seven, my parents divorced. Even after the divorce, I had to deal with abuse. My mother was not around much, and I started rebelling to try and get attention. It was not long before I  was hanging around with a bad crowd and things began to spiral out of control which included trips to rehab and a couple stints in the psych ward.

I dropped out of  high school and got pregnant shortly after. When I was six months pregnant, I got my GED, got a job, and went about the task of making a better life for my daughter  and me. With the birth of my daughter, I vowed while raising her as a single mom, I would never put her in the situations I had dealt with. When my daughter was three, I met my current husband and we married as I was pregnant with my second daughter.

Things were better, but I was still dealing with depression, self-esteem, and weight issues. Just before I got pregnant with our fifth child, I was up to 230 pounds, so I started exercising and eating better. I got down to 140 pounds and about five years ago started doing CrossFit with my oldest son. Now, with six kids and a stable family, my husband and all four of our boys  do CrossFit and use fitness as a bond we share. It has brought me through a lot of the things I have struggled with. Thinking of where I was 30 years ago, I’m proud of where I am now. I still battle with depression and self-doubt, but with support from my family and positive, healthy outlets like CrossFit, life is good.