Our respite services prioritize the individual’s needs. C.C. We Adapt, in conjunction with the care team within CCS and CLTS, provides individuals with a safe space and a container for mentorship. The ability to rest or take a break from the stressors of their daily environment offers an opportunity for a reset, and an additional layer of support for the care team, to help encourage collective progress and development toward the individual’s goals.

At C.C. We Adapt, our skilled Respite Providers are often the closest point of contact outside of friends and family. Our organization empowers providers with lived experience who lead with a trauma-informed, person-centered, strengths-based approach. Relationships are built on a bedrock of trust and respect, and providers offer a highly skilled array of services rarely found at other organizations. We work on personal, professional, and life skills development in both a home setting and within the community, encouraging growth in all aspects of their lives.