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Individual Skill Development and Enhancement

Howdy hey! My name is Claud (she/they) and I’m so excited to work together with you on your goals!

Growing up as a queer kid in a very small religious and conservative community in the farmlands of SE Wisconsin. Growing up as a queer kid in this setting was not always the easiest thing. I struggled with depression, anxiety, and lots of anger. To make matters a little tougher for me, I grew up with a parent who was severely addicted to both heroin and alcohol. This did not make my home a safe place for me to grow, flourish, or get the help I so desperately needed for mental health issues that continued to get more and more severe.

When I went off to college to study psychology, social services, and justice and public policy, I thought this would be the first step to freedom and a way to leave all the trauma and harm I experienced as a child behind. I was overwhelmed by freedom and soon discovered alcohol. As I was not addressing any of my mental health issues or trauma, alcohol became a way to numb my emotional pain and ease my anxiety. I soon became an adult with severe alcoholism and worsening mental health issues.

It was not until I was in my 30s that I got the help I needed. A particularly bad incident landed me in rehab where I decided it was time to get sober and face the mental health issues I was so desperately trying to escape. Through therapy, various sobriety programs, and the help of my wonderful support system, I can now proudly say that I have been sober for over one and a half years. I am still healing my life through therapy, healthy coping skills, and various other self-improving, positive activities.

I am proud to say that I am, likely, the nerdiest consultant on the CC We Adapt team. Between Dungeons and Dragons, Magic the Gathering, Anime, Renaissance Faire, and countless other things from nerd culture, I have found the freedom I was so desperate for as a child and heal. I love staying active by hiking, walking/jogging, and paddle boarding. My love for animals, especially my 4 cats, has been an incredible area for growth and development for me. I’m very involved in the queer community and animal welfare. I’ve learned that being authentic to myself and to others has only bettered my life in the long run. I no longer run from my problems and instead face them head on! I strive to be the supportive person I always needed during my times of struggle!