At C.C. We Adapt, the transformative power of mentorship takes place at the individual level. Using a trauma-informed lens, and a person-centered, strengths-based approach, we tailor services to the needs of the participant to provide clients with the tools they need to achieve their goals.

Research on peer support shows increases in empowerment, hope, social functioning, community engagement, activation in treatment, and overall quality of life and satisfaction (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 2017).

Our work emphasizes physical movement, artistic expression and creativity, and prioritizes fun, practical, and applicable activities to help clients build interpersonal connections, forge healthy relationships, increase self-efficacy, and improve daily living skills.

The majority of We Adapt mentors have lived experience. Having been through it themselves, mentors can meet someone wherever they are in life, and guide them toward greater self-determination and fulfillment. Person-centered care is specific to the participant, and allows us to advocate for and work with individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

Curious to learn more? We provide services to individuals enrolled in the Comprehensive Community Services program, facilitated at the County level throughout the State of Wisconsin. Programming is available for all ages. To find out if you are eligible, visit Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) Wisconsin Department of Health Services online. Questions? Reach out to us below, and we’ll help connect you to the proper resources.

Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) is a voluntary psychosocial rehabilitation program designed for individuals coping with mental health and/or substance use conditions. Individuals enrolled in CCS work with a team of professionals to decide which programs and supports will help them reach their recovery goals.

What it means to us.