Service Array:
Individual Skill Development and Enhancement

I grew up in a smaller town in Western Waukesha County in a working class family with parents trying to give their kids a better life than they had. My dad has been a recovering alcoholic since I was six. Being an overweight darker completed Mexican-American in a predominantly white middle–upper class community was a daily struggle. While I had friends, I never quite fit in and was teased frequently. My self image and confidence was very poor.

I went on to college at UW-Milwaukee/Whitewater to obtain my degree in Sociology w/ a minor in Race and Ethnic Cultures. From the time I was 18, I have worked in social service settings helping adults and children with disabilities such as intellectual, mental health conditions, physical, traumatic brain injuries, and substance abuse conditions. I have worked from front line staff to being self employed contracting with the county to provide services such as; advocacy, DLST, skills education and other duties assisting individuals to become the best version of themselves they could be.

From the age of 18 I have persevered through the struggle/stigma of addiction (transferring between alcohol, marijuana, nicotine, sex/negative relationships, food and spending), anxiety, divorce and being a single mom. Shame and guilt kept me from living my life to its fullest potential.

In 2018, after many attempts “to change my life” and other major life events, I made the choice to attend my first 12 step meeting and work the steps learning more about myself than ever before. I also attended Dharma Recovery and currently participate in The Phoenix, a sober active community. Reinstating my Zumba Instructor Certificate I managed to obtain during my active addiction, I made fitness a significant part of my life and recovery. I now teach Zumba for a Recovery Counseling Center once a week and in a day program for adults with disabilities twice a week. I am a very active volunteer with the sober active community as well as my program. I recognize fully that I need the connection with people and giving back in order to keep me moving forward positively in all aspects of my life.

I look forward to working with individuals to demonstrate that recovery, living with a positive self image and confidence is reachable by connecting to the people/activities in their communities

This individual is an Independent Contractor through Milwaukee Turners.