We Adapt was founded in 2020 as a movement, and while our objective is to provide peer support and mentorship to individuals, we know we’re stronger together. That’s why we offer resources and guidance to anyone seeking to address the needs of their communities, on an individual and organizational level.


Public Awareness and Education

By pairing lived experience in the field with relevant research and data, speakers deliver an engaging, informative presentation on current social and cultural issues and how best to address the needs of the community.

Organizational Wellness Consulting

By first assessing the health of the existing organization, we’re able to develop wellness strategies tailored to the needs of the client. Bringing a person-centered approach to business helps increase employee satisfaction and organizational productivity.

Tenant Success Consulting

Develop and design a program to support high-risk, high-need tenants in fostering independence and individual living skills to ensure consistent, long-term success. For landlords, these programs reduce concerns surrounding maintenance and the likelihood of eviction, while supporting individuals in accessing community resources for additional support. For counties, the tailored approach can enhance positive outcomes throughout the community.