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Wellness Management

I was born and raised in Eau Claire Wisconsin, which has allowed me to see the tremendous growth that has taken place in my community, but also the areas of needed improvement.

I have been surrounded by addiction my entire adult life and have witnessed both what it can do to a person, but also, the impact it has on the family members and organizations involved. While I was not the one who was personally addicted to drugs or alcohol, it still had a major impact on my life. One of the ways I learned how to cope with the stress was through exercise.

In High-School I was a three-sport athlete, which transformed into high intensity interval training/boot-camp style workouts in my adult life. I became addicted to working out because that was the time that was dedicated to only me, and to put it simply, it just made me feel good. I decided to start a boot-camp program of my own which allowed me to
create a space for people to improve their physical wellbeing as well as build confidence and release their negative emotions.

It was when I partnered with a local gym to create and run the bootcamp portion of their business that I realized my passion did not have to take a back seat to my occupation—they could be one and the same. I fell in love with helping others become their strongest and best selves.

I am now in my final credits for my master’s degree in Wellness Management. I chose this degree because I wanted to expand the influence I could have on the outcomes for so many people and professionals who have not yet found the benefits of wellness in their lives, careers, and families. More confident and healthy people make for stronger organizations, which makes for more productive professionals and highly cohesive teams.