A Lifetime of Trauma Meets an Indomitable Spirit

The Stigma Free Vet Zone is a podcast created by Vietnam Veteran and Infantryman, Michael Orban. Mike interviews C.C. WE ADAPT’s founder, David Carlson, about his time in Iraq, and his life before and after. This is also a story of redemption and selfless service.

The Art of the Bounce Back: A Story of Redemption

The Chippewa Economic Development Corporation interviewed C.C. WE ADAPT provider Nycki Wallsch on her story of challenge, perseverance, and overcoming. Nycki is a staunch advocate for formerly incarcerated women and for anyone who needs support during difficult times. Take a listen and hear about Nycki’s transformative work in her community and beyond!

Project Hope w/ Thomas Sampson

Thomas Sampson is a C.C. WE ADAPT co-owner and the owner of Machine Shed Fitness, a CrossFit gym, in Menomonie Wisconsin. Tom has overcome seemingly insurmountable barriers to make it to where he is today. Now he helps others confront those challenges as well. Project Hope is a program facilitated by the Menomonie Police Department, and Tom has been an integral part of the roll out of this program and its services.

Perpetuating Poverty

Wisconsin Public Radio interviews C.C. WE ADAPT’s own Segdrick Farley about the medical co-pay that prisoners in the Wisconsin Department of Corrections must pay for medical services. This co-pay leads to further debt compiled on individuals who are only making cents an hour, if that. Check out Segdrick’s take on this circumstance, and the effect it has on individuals trying to transition back into the community.

All In Wisconsin

The Community’s Shannon Ross interviews C.C. WE ADAPT’s David Carlson. David fought in the military, spent time in prison, and has significant experience as a humanizer in the reentry/reform/decarceration work with the ACLU of Wisconsin in Eau Claire. This conversation is about collaborating across state, David’s disappointment working with the police to address the criminal justice system, and his new venture C.C. WE ADAPT, a peer support and mentorship business, which uses physical activity and the outdoors as modalities for change. David is a fantastic example of how those who have experienced incarceration are leaders in work to promote more comprehensive and sustainable safety and justice in society.

Legal Defense Podcast

The Legal Defense Podcast, hosted by attorneys Kirk Obear and John Birdsall, interviews C.C. WE ADAPT founder David Carlson. David is a law student at Mitchell Hamline School of Law. He is pursuing the legal field in furtherance of creating businesses that empower marginalized and excluded demographics, and to provide C.C. WE ADAPT with in-house council for the benefit of providers and participants alike. Listen to how the law can help to protect underserved populations—which is a change from its usual employment to the purposes of preying on vulnerable populations.

Blugold Media

Sydney Purpora with Blugold Media interviews C.C. WE ADAPT’s founder, David Carlson, before there was a C.C. WE ADAPT. David was still in his undergraduate schooling at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, and was recently released from the Wisconsin Department of Corrections. This is a glimpse into the life of an individual who was in the eye of the reentry storm.

David Carlson’s Story

Behind Bars

“I almost felt like I was delusional, but in my mind, I was in combat with the jail, basically. I was at war, nonstop.” -David Carlson

It is rare that you get to listen to the sentencing of a non-famous person. This clip was recorded by Quil Lawrence, a journalist for NPR. Quil recorded the sentencing of David Carlson in a Waukesha courtroom, where Judge Hassin stated, “I’m looking at a fine young man sitting in front of me today, that I’m going to end up putting in prison for a little bit,” before sentencing David to a term of two years on each criminal count David was convicted of. Hit play and find out how this story unfolds.

WEAU13 News

“I come from poverty.” -C.C. WE ADAPT Provider Segdrick Farley

Segdrick is coordinating the collaboration between C.C. WE ADAPT and The Community Table in Eau Claire. Check out the press coverage of this important responsibility Segdrick has taken on.