Ann Seidl

Service Array:
Housing Provider

I grew up on a dairy farm in eastern Wisconsin. I’m the youngest of six children and the only girl. Growing up in a rural area with no sisters had its advantages and disadvantages. I got to have my own bedroom and was really good at sports but was quite an awkward teenager. Growing up as the only girl was very silent and I really struggled with communication.

I turned from an awkward teenager into an awkward adult. Along the way I was fortunate to have a variety of jobs and life experiences with the most rewarding being a mentor and a high school and middle school teacher. Struggling with communication was no longer an option when standing in front of high schoolers. I quickly learned that leading by example was very effective and doing as I do instead of doing as I say became my motto. Being able to learn from others, no matter what age or background they came from, was very eye-opening for me. The more open-minded and non-judgmental I became, the more I continued to learn and grow.

I have three boys aged 26, 25, and 22. My 22-year-old has special needs and has taught me more about myself than he will ever know. Being out in nature is my therapy. I like to spend a lot of time outdoors doing just about anything. I am also a runner, completed more than a few marathons, but especially love warm summer mornings running with good friends while watching the sun rise. I am a firm believer in taking care of your body like you’re going to live forever and love and be kind like you’re going to die tomorrow. I feel my unique skill set and diverse background gives me the ability to make a positive impact by showing individuals that I care about them and want to help them thrive, not just survive.