Service Array:
Individual Skill Development and Enhancement

I grew up in Eau Claire, WI as the oldest of three boys. Our parents divorced when I was quite young, and one of my siblings has special needs, so while we’ve been challenged as a family, our circumstances ultimately enriched our lives and brought us closer together.

I was active in sports throughout high school. In my senior year, the school brought its wrestling team back for the first time in decades. I joined the flagship team and became captain. As a wrestler, I was taught how being mindful of what you are eating is important to not only make weight, but to bring out the best in one’s physical performance. I soon realized that food choices impact not only our physical performance, but also our mental and physical wellbeing. My wrestling experience would prove to be the spark that ignited my passion for nutrition and wellness. After graduating high school, I attended UW-Madison and completed a bachelor’s degree in dietetics. I stayed in Madison for a dietetic internship and then a master’s degree to become a registered dietitian.

Both personally and professionally, helping others solve problems and improve their lives is what I find most gratifying. I believe in the lofty heights of human potential, and I believe that we can all strive towards being the best possible version of ourselves. Of course, this is not to say that life is without its obstacles. For me, depression and anxiety have been an ongoing struggle. For a time, I thought alcohol was the solution to these problems. Others who have walked that path know how that ends (spoiler alert: not well!), and in hindsight, I can see how what I was consuming didn’t alleviate anxiety and depression, but it did contribute and exacerbate it. I sought treatment, and protect my recovery through practicing gratitude and affirmations of hope. I’m grateful for access to treatment resources, and believe life does indeed get better.

Through my experiences with sports, nutrition and wellness, I’ve witnessed how physical and mental health go hand in hand. To truly transform one’s life means addressing both. I’m grateful to help clients make incremental improvements in their lives, celebrate their successes, and turn their visions into reality.