Service Array:
Individual Skill Development and Enhancement

I grew up in Central Illinois in a small town near Champaign/Urbana. I was poor and lived a very sheltered life. When I was 7, after witnessing several years of arguing and abuse in my home, my parents divorced. When I was 9, my mother remarried to a man whom we had only met once before he was living with us. Just a few years later, my grandfather, whom I was very close to during the divorce and remarriage, completed suicide. It tore my world apart. I pushed all of my friends away and really struggled with making and keeping friends. It took years to work through the pain and heartache. Back then, there wasn’t much counseling for children experiencing a traumatic event.

After graduating High School, I attended a community college in Champaign, Illinois where I received an Associates Degree. I began working full-time in my field.. After several years, I met and married the father of my children. I then became a stay-at-home mom. While it was tight financially, it was probably the best time of my life. I loved having little ones around the house and taking care of them. Unfortunately, after trying to work through three miscarriages and an addiction my husband had and abuse, we went our separate ways. During this time, I was diagnosed with PTSD. Through counseling and time, I have worked through those issues as well. While there are still times I have to manage my thoughts, triggers and feelings, I have learned to let them go and move forward.

For the last 10 years, I have worked as a Paraprofessional in a nearby elementary school. It is during this time that I truly learned about Mental Health Disorders in children and how to help them. I loved working with the kids and getting to know them. I loved guiding them through the difficult challenges they face on a daily basis.

With my traumatic childhood, my turbulent marriage and working with children, I am excited to help children reach their full potential.