Service Array:
Individual Skill Development and Enhancement

I was born in Chicago, Illinois. My time in Chicago was very quick because my family moved to Racine, WI when I was three. I moved to Lacrosse, Wisconsin after graduation to go to school at the University of WI-Lacrosse. That decision wasn’t made until an actual week before college classes started.

I’ll be the first to admit that I went to school for sports and the actual education was secondary to me. I knew that if I made the necessary grades, sports would be available to me, and I was good at them. Baseball and football were my passions and still are to this day.

I have always said that the best advice my parents ever gave me was when I finished school that I was moving back home to Racine. They quickly put a halt to that and told me to stay right where I was. And so, I did.

I currently have a fiancé’ of 19 years. She is definitely “my rock”. I also have two sons, one is 20, while my one son would have been 25 but he took his life in October of 2021.

My focus these days is to see what I can do to help others because I do have a “story to tell” and maybe the people that I help can somehow guide me as well.

Currently I am an outside sales rep and owner/coach of the River City Rough Riders semi-pro football team out of Lacrosse, Wisconsin.

***One team – one mission – one goal***

This individual is an Independent Contractor through Crossfit LaCrosse.