Eli Tripp

Service Array:
Individual Skill Development and Enhancement

I grew up in Madison Wisconsin, with two parents that were both social workers. My mother worked in school social work, focusing on children and families, and my father in the mental health field, focused more specifically on individuals who have been or are currently incarcerated. Both of my parents had strong influences on where I am today, through their teachings and unique perspectives from how they saw and worked with vulnerable groups. Through high school, I worked in a retirement home, serving people with varying needs, and also spent time doing respite care for several individuals with varying abilities. Alongside this, I spent my time running cross country, track, and playing ultimate frisbee for my high school.

Given what I had learned from my family, and the unique perspectives that I saw through my time in school, I decided to go on to college at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire to further my education. Social work was the natural choice for me. While in the school of social work, I spent time outside of class working at a food bank, volunteering with a sanctuary coalition. Here, I noted all the good that was taking place at facilities like these, but it was also evident that there were shortcomings. There were many areas where there was a clear line between what the people we were serving really needed, and what the organizations were offering them. This distinction was noted and played a large role in my studies throughout my college career. Alongside this, I spent time developing activities and hobbies that are still with me today, such as weightlifting, skiing, hiking, playing basketball, and cooking in my free time.

After graduating from UWEC, I have used my degree and knowledge that has come with it to help others succeed in their own paths, by implementing fun and healthy activities into individuals lives while assisting them in pursuing whatever goals they may have set for themselves. Just like I was able to utilize my strengths to achieve what I have today, my goal is to help identify the strengths of others so that they can utilize them and be successful. For these reasons, I am more than excited to be joining the team at CC We Adapt.