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Individual Skill Development and Enhancement

My name is Jennifer, but everyone calls me Jen, and my students call me Miss. Jen. I would like to share a little information about myself. I grew up in Nebraska, all over Nebraska. My parents couldn’t seem to keep a job, so we moved a lot. I attended 13 different schools.

My childhood was horrible for lack of a better term. My stepfather and mother were both raging alcoholics and severely abusive. I was my mother’s first child and had no biological siblings, so my stepdad was especially abusive to me. My stepfather physically, emotionally, and sexually abused me.

I was a great student and extremely athletic, sports were my escape. As time went on and numerous people reported my stepfather to social services my mother told me to leave…so I did, at 16 and never looked back.

Unfortunately, my trauma followed me and while I did graduate high school with ok grades and a volleyball scholarship I was already dabbling in drugs and alcohol, just trying anything to fit in and feel loved. I lost my scholarship due to a knee injury and then the drinking, drugs, and all-around self- destruction began.

I have always had a passion for children with adversity because I lived it on so many levels. I love children and believe you only get one chance in childhood so a child deserves every chance they can get to experience a happy one. I have a beautiful family, a loving husband, lots of pets, and all in all I am completely happy. My faith and strength have helped me overcome addiction, homelessness, and abuse. I am a survivor and want to help children benefit from my experience.