Service Array:
Individual Skill Development and Enhancement

I was born in Black River Falls, Wisconsin, and have two older brothers and one little sister. Growing up was not easy because my mom would always have to juggle me and my siblings with school, sports activities, and work. It didn’t stop her from pushing me and my siblings to pursue what we are passionate about. Sports is something that I am passionate about, so I was very competitive and would do as many as I could, from wrestling to track and field, football, basketball, and soccer.  

My mother’s family struggled with drug addiction, mostly my uncle. He was someone I admired greatly at one time. As I got older, I realized that he wasn’t someone to admire at all. From a young age, until I lost him, I saw what drugs can do to someone, which was what drove me to be straight-edge and drug-free.  

While attending college at UWL, I faced many challenges related to my body image and self-confidence. This led me to devote my life to fitness and exercise, which greatly boosted my confidence level.  

Life in college was very challenging. I was a broke college student trying to hang on. During my first job as a personal trainer, there would be times when I would only have fifty-nine cents for a meal. During this challenging time, I have always remembered my one goal: to open my gym one day. After ten years, I was able to make my dream a reality. I started planning my gym during the pandemic.  

In 2022, I introduced Living Free Fitness to Black River Falls. My goal for Living Free Fitness is to help individuals reach their goals and live without fear of judgment or, to put it simply, being so unfit you fear a flight of stairs. Exercise has helped me boost my motivation, which improved my confidence level so that I could be comfortable with myself. I can see that it can also help in dealing with depression, drug addiction, and the other hardships of life.