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Health and Wellness

I grew up in Alexandria, Minnesota, working at my family business with my closest friends, role models, and family members. I began this at ten years old, and since then I have been taught to have respect for others and the value of work. This job has made me who I am today; outgoing, resourceful, and easy to get along with. I became fulfilled by leading others and making a change in people’s lives.

I am an avid athlete and weightlifter, I’m extremely passionate about healthy movement and what it can do for you. I am currently a student at UW-Stout studying Health, Wellness, and Fitness while competing in Track & Field. I have learned to value my ability of being outgoing and creative and sharing this with others. My athletics have served me well, as I have proud accomplishments in each sport I’ve committed to. Today I am most proud of the mental strength and composure that they have taught me.

My mental strength has been challenged my entire life. I have my family to thank for teaching me how to break through mental limitations or setbacks. I’ve learned well how to adapt to extreme levels of stress with composure, a skill that I am very proud of. I have always been the level-headed friend who does the “hard things” in life. I am excited to meet new people and see what we can learn from one another.