Service Array:
Individual Skill Development and Enhancement

I am a Hispanic female who was born in Dallas, TX. After living there through eight years old, I moved to Marshfield, WI with my family. There, I grew up as a low-income minority in a household of 4 in an unfamiliar town without familiarity of my extended family. Being a single mom, my mother had to work long hours and it was up to me and my older siblings to take care of each other. Around the age of 12, my mother met the man who I soon call him my stepdad. Together we moved to Neillsville, WI and worked in a cow/veal farm as workers and over the years, as they slowly learned the business, earned their citizenship, and became owners of their own piece of the business.

Growing in Neillsville showed me what a more calm and structured life looked like. As a student, I thrived, got my high school diploma and at eighteen moved out to pursue life in the bigger city of Eau Claire, WI. There, I worked as a server and in a nursing home until applying as receptionist at Sport Clips where I grew an interest in cosmetology.

As a graduate of CVTC in Eau Claire, I went from receptionist to employee, to supervisor and eventually store manager in my eleven-year tenure. Realizing I reached my ceiling along with the big need Eau Claire had for good, quality barbers, I decided to go into business by myself. In May of 2017, I opened The Dapperman Barbershop in Eau Claire owned and operated by females. In the first 3 years of opening, I won number one barbershop in Eau Claire by Volume Magazine and has been successful establishment ever since.

Today, I am a mom of 3, business owner, fiancé. I find joy in helping others feel better through something as simple as listening while getting a good haircut. For hobbies, I enjoy crafts, painting, drawing, and restoring anything once considered old and discarded by others.

As a Hispanic female, I have a passion for helping other Hispanics and minorities in my community find a voice and purpose. And as a female, I want to inspire other females find the confidence they need to pursue their dreams and break through social stereotypes.