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Individual Skill Development and Enhancement
Wellness Management

I grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN in a home, that gave me a solid foundation with which to enter adulthood.

I was married soon after I turned 20 yrs old and lived in the wilderness of northern MN in a small cabin without the modern conveniences of running water or electricity. Those years taught me how to work hard and to be more self-sufficient and innovative.

I had my first baby just before I turned 21. She was born prematurely and only lived for 3 days. This was my first experience of deep grief and loss which then led me to understand that life is fragile. The following year my home was struck by lightning, burning it to the ground, and taking with it almost everything we owned.

Our family grew over the yrs while we continued to live “off-grid” in WI until the year 2006. I devoted my life to being a wife and stay-at-home mom to our 12 children and chose to homeschool each of them. I am currently schooling the youngest 3 children while the oldest 9 have graduated and either gone to college or become entrepreneurs.

In 2008 my husband lost his logging business and fell into many yrs. of depression. We struggled financially during those years, living with very little and having our home put into foreclosure multiple times. I also lost both my father and mother during that time and was personally pushed to face and finally overcome an extremely deep fear of abandonment and unworthiness that I had struggled with for decades.

In 2020, my husband of 34 yrs was killed suddenly in a logging accident. This not only left me devastated and heartbroken, but also left me immediately in the position of breadwinner for our family. I’d learned from my prior experiences in life how to overcome emotional pain and also to take responsibility for my life and my personal challenges. I had believed and greatly promoted maintaining peace in one’s heart and joy in living despite what life may throw at you, and it was because of this and for my children’s sake

that I diligently applied myself to overcoming the deepest grief and greatest financial crisis I had ever experienced.

I began my own life coaching business in 2021, implementing and sharing all the various life skills and tools I’d learned and had used to overcome my own challenges, past and present. I also delved into learning and understanding childhood trauma after working with clients, realizing that is at the core of many long held adult issues.

It is often said, life is a journey, but I believe it is a journey that can be lived with strength, meaning, and joy by replacing undermining, core beliefs with empowering ones and implementing new life choices and changes…. many of which are not easy but are simple. It’s my goal and delight to assist others in achieving their highest potential and in finding joy and purpose in this one precious life they’ve been given.

This individual is an Independent Contractor through Shred Shed.