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Individual Skill Development and Enhancement

I was born and raised in a good, but not always stable home most of my life. I went through a rough separation between my parents where I was used as a pawn back and forth while being emotionally left behind by them and felt like the world was collapsing. At that point in my life, I was already struggling with fitting in and finding a purpose. With all those thoughts and emotions going through my head, I never knew how to express them, so I just pushed them down by smoking weed, partying, and drinking.

As I grew, I knew I had demons and problems I had to address. There was a point I knew I had a choice to make, if I wanted to continue my bad habits and follow in the footsteps of family members or if I wanted to be and do something better for myself.

By making the choice to be something better my first step was to work on myself in a physical aspect. The gym is where I decided to do that and without even knowing the gym had become a part of me and a second home, the place where I felt the most comfortable, where I finally felt like I fit in and could be me without putting a fake face on. My mental health greatly improved by making me physically fit and with mentors around me who always pushed me to do better. Making that choice to be better brought me out of a dark place while instilling discipline, determination and always striving to be a stronger version of myself.

Because of a career I chose out of high school that led me to Texas for a little while I never thought I would be able to do anything in the fitness field to help and improve someone else’s life which I realized was a passion of mine. After making career choices that better fit my life and goals I am finally somewhere where I am happy again. I am very excited to be able to help people with their mental health journey and find their strengths so they will be able to overcome issues in their lives.

This individual is an Independent Contractor through Stronger Version Fitness.