Service Array:
Individual Skill Development and Enhancement
Management and Recovery

Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from University Of Wisconsin Eau Claire and becoming a CrossFit Certified L1 Coach, I find myself in the field I love, being able to help people through reaching their goals physically and emotionally by being physically active and enjoying it. I have been employed as a  coach and personal trainer at Momentum Fitness since September of 2020, and an intern some time before that. Being able to reach people where they are at and  help them set obtainable goals is something I strive for in my professional life and personal.

I am originally from the Northern Twin Cities area and always will love  exploring Minneapolis when I can. I enjoy being outdoors whether it’s hiking, taking walks with my wife and dog, alpine skiing, or fishing. I have grown to love what  Eau Claire has to offer outdoors for exploration and enjoyment as well as what Momentum Fitness offers as an amazing place to be physically engaged and to be cheered on to the finish line.

I am very excited to bring my skills to a new demographic to help those in need in a similar way to how I help my clients. Helping people overcome difficulties in their lives and to reach goals they thought were unobtainable is something I look forward to achieving with them as they take a new step  every day in their journey to bettering themselves. Through physical activity we can build upon physical health, social skills, and emotional well-being which can help
secure their future for the better.