Service Array:
Individual Skill Development and Enhancement (ISDE)
Wellness Management
Youth Mentor

I came from a good family in a small town in Wisconsin. From a young age I was taught the value of hard work and was very involved in sports.

In middle-school I was introduced to drugs, which began a spiral I hope most never have to go through. Slowly my drive to show up for sports, work, my family, and even some of my good friends changed.

When I was a teenager, I was arrested several times for having drugs in school, which led me to eventually dropping out my junior year of high school. I spent several years sleeping on couches, involved with drugs, and at times, I was homeless.

Eventually, my addiction led to me becoming incarcerated in prison. It was here that I was forced to finally assess the decisions I was making, and the impact of those decisions on the people who cared the most about me. My time in prison also provided me the opportunity to find my true passion—fitness!

When I was released from prison, I was determined to turn my passion into a career. I worked tirelessly to earn enough money to pay for coaching certifications, and after eighteen months I was able to open a CrossFit gym in a broken-down old building that I would eventually remodel myself.

Through the years, that gym has facilitated the creation of a family. Members from all walks of life come together to support one another through discomfort and progress, all of which takes place within one-hour sessions. The comradery built through my gym has been one of the biggest foundations for my successful recovery in life.

I am now passionate about sharing the lessons and opportunities I have experienced on my journey, with others who are struggling with similar challenges to those I confronted in my past, and still confront at times in my present. I want to be the kind of support for others that I needed in my past.